is a network of artists, designers, curators and professionals from different domains to discuss, share and plan for the future through art.

It began in 2015 as the proposition of a new curatorial methodology to work translocally, questioning the notion of the global ‘contemporary’ and applying a biased strategy in favor of women. As a first initiative of the platform we presented PROJECT_16, a research carried out by a majority of female professionals.

Composed of three site-specific art projects in the streets of Lahore, São Paulo and London, and a website designed in Barcelona, the initiative reflected on questions of public space and its audiences in collaboration with artists engaged in participatory practices. In curatorial terms, PROJECT_16 aimed to test a new system of relationships between artistic contexts challenging the traditional international exhibition format. It worked as a case study that defined our notion of the curatorial as a practice to challenge the status quo and influence a systemic socio-political change.’s aims for the future are:

● To create a flexible and resourceful infrastructure that acts as a staging ground to test ideas

● To set up a network of long-term collaborators to infiltrate and influence the current art system

● To build channels of knowledge exchange and cooperation between people from different disciplines, acknowledging the economic, technological and political aspects involved

● To bring art outside of its traditional producer-consumer confinements by formulating projects that can affect change

● To work online to unify rituals, build relationships and make restrictions visible to address specific goals for the future

● To work with women —but not exclusively— to give them visibility in the arts in relation to local and online audiences

● To raise awareness on gender inequality and contribute to a historiography attentive to women

● To empower women in and through the arts