Paula Nishijima and Benjamin Seroussi in conversation with Hena Lee 3-5pm

18 March 2016

Artist: Paula Nishijima

Location: RCA - Entrance Gallery

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In the past three years, blockbuster shows became a trend in the exhibition programmes of art institutions in São Paulo. Materialised in long queues on the streets of the city and through the social media trend to post selfies with the latest exhibition posters, the blockbuster phenomenon brought with it an exceptional increase in audience numbers for art. Parallel to this phenomenon in the arts, the past three years brought many political and social changes for Brazil. The many crises for the PT (the governing party of the country) and accusations of corruption led to an impeachment process against Dilma Rousseff. In São Paulo, where a Right Wing party has been governing for many years, this came together with an Education and a water supply crisis.
Putting in parallel these two realities of the city, Paula Nishijima proposes ‘A project for people I don’t know’; composed of a two-day happening in São Paulo and a film. Expanding on this work and in relation to the growing institutional interest in audiences in this city, curator of the 31st Biennial of São Paulo and director at Casa do Povo Benjamin Seroussi and London based independent curator Hena Lee discuss São Paulo’s art scene in relation to the London context with the Paula Nishijima.