Black Spring, White Flags. Nada Raza and Iftikhar Dadi in conversation with Awami Art Collective 1-3 pm

13 March 2016

Artist: Awami Art Collective

Location: RCA - Entrance Gallery

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Black Spring, White Flags, online conversation between the Awami Art Collective in Lahore, and Nada Raza and Iftikhar Dadi in London

In Pakistan public spaces dedicated to art and culture are restricted due to security reasons. In response to this situation and after an attack on a children’s school in Peshawar at the beginning of 2015, a group of artists, activists and academics founded the Awami Art Collective (AAC). Parallel to this national state of alert, urban development projects in Lahore are increasingly altering the social and cultural life of its inhabitants.
To respond to the questions put forward by PROJECT_16 and to raise awareness of the complexities of the local context, the AAC proposes Black Spring, an art project in the historical centre of Lahore that explores the notion of public space and audience engagement.
Nada Raza, South Asia curator at Tate Modern and Iftikhar Dadi artist, curator and associate professor at Cornell University engage in a conversation with the members of the Awami Art Collective.