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PROJECT_16 is the first initiative of translocalia.com

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TRANSLOCALIA is a network to discuss, share and plan for the future through art; a community of practice
that works mainly with female professionals to challenge and transform the status quo.

PROJECT_16 began at the beginning of 2015 with a simple question: ‘How would you like art to engage with your city in 2016?’. Comprised of three site-specific projects in the streets of Lahore, São Paulo and London, PROJECT_16 collaborated with artists engaged in participatory practices to reflect on questions of public space and its audiences. It offers a proposal of how to make and share art in 2016.

Coming from the belief that the current systems of relations between art and people too often do not encourage critical thinking and social change, PROJECT_16 tests an alternative curatorial strategy, one that consists of giving voice to different localities instead of representing them and supports artists that engage audiences in participatory and social practices.

PROJECT_16 began from conversations between the two curators in which the art scenes of Lahore and São Paulo — where they respectively worked for a long period of time — were discussed and put in relation to their current experience in London. After identifying practitioners with participatory practices in these contexts, the curatorial research expanded into a dialogic collaboration with the selected artists and designers and crystallised in hundreds of hours of online conversations.